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T-SQL query writing help need. DISTINCT or JOIN or something else?

Could someone help me with a query.  I have two tables.  One is "Users" and the other is "Visited" table.   The "Visited" table has a Foreign Key to the User table (See attached Picture) via the User ID.   I need to return the first and last name combined along with the company column where there is a match to the UserID in the Visited table.  I don't want duplicates.  I want unique (or Distinct) matches found in the Visited table.

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How would I do this?
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Jim Horn
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SELECT DISTINCT COALESCE(First, '') + ' ' + COALESCE(Last, '') as Name, Company
FROM Users
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Define 'can't seam to get it to work', preferably with some kind of error message.
indeed an error-message on jimhorn's solution would be appropriate

What jimhorn's solution has 2 advantages
- if first or last-name are null it still returns the part that is there, your solution returns NULL
- you don't use anything of the table visited so a join is not necessary the IN will do, but EXISTS will even be better and then you don't need a group by
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