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Should I install VMware ESXi on USB flash drive? We're using a Dell R410 server.

I've read that you can install the VMware ESXi hypervisor to boot from a USB flash drive.

1. Question 1

Is it recommended practice to use a USB flash drive for the VMware hypervisor?

2. Question 2

Are there any concerns using USB flash for this purpose?

3. Question 3

How big of a flash drive should I start with? There will probably be less than 10 VM's... likely about 5.
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Sekar Chinnakannu
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Yes you can install the esxi in flsah drive. Maximum you need 2 GB
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1. yes

2. no

3. Minimum of 2GB, and make sure its a good quality unit, HP, Sandisk
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It would be better to use a SD card if your hardware supports it, but only because the connectors are normally more secure. Why nobody's produced hypervisor in BIOS I don't know, that was what was meant to happen.

If you lose USB (or SD card) you're down after a reboot, not normally before which is a saving grace.
Just out of curiosity, does this not wear your USB flash disk out fairly fast what with all the logs being written to it all the time? Or do you have to configure logs to go elsewhere?
Actually, no. It is best practice to indeed configure logs to go to a log server...yes.