Importing excel data into SQL Server 2008 via ASP.NET

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Hi All,

What would be an effective solution to enable a client to import excel data into SQL Server via an ASP.NET interface.

The interface will expect the excel data to be in a particular column format and will need to validate that all data is available within the excel file being imported.

I did develop a solution about 1.5 years ago which utilised the SQLBULKCOPY class... Is this still a sound solution or are there better methods to use?


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SqlBulkCopy is indeed an effective method.  I also use a method whereby the XLS file is uploaded into a DataTable, then verified row-by-row and inserted that way (ensuring that prior to this, BEGINTRANSACTION is used to allow roll-back of the whole thing if it fails).
Now with 2008, it is possible to create a data type that mirrors an ASP.NET datatable, and you can then pass the DataTable in ASP.NET as a parameter value.  There are many tutorials and examples for this online.


Excellent thanks Rouchie. I'll start my research on SQL Server 2008 data types. This sounds pretty cool!

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