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Server 2008 Foundation and Exchange

No matter where I look I get a different answer...  Can I install and run Exchange 2010 on a Server 2008 Foundation server?  I realize I am limited to 15 users but that isn't a problem.  Half the posts I read say it can be done, half say it can't.  Is there someone out there who has done it?  Thanks!
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Answer is NO - you can't.

Check the operating system requirements here.
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Anything is possible I think the larger concern would be acbrown2010's point. We're all in business and use EE because systems don't always work as they should, sometimes they just go on the frits, it then becomes a much larger issue when you need to call support for example Microsoft and you haven't followed supported configuration.

I've personally done installs that crossed up (for better lack of word) different platform requirements but I also felt I could handle any problems that came about, which I did.
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I understand the risks - I don't much care whether Microsoft will officially support this.  I'd really like to hear, though, from someone who has done it successfully just so I know for sure there are no technological barriers to do it.
Couple things

1. The requirements specifically say this
For security and performance reasons, we recommend that you install Exchange 2010 only on member servers and not on Active Directory directory servers. However, you can't run DCPromo on a computer running Exchange 2010. After Exchange 2010 is installed, changing its role from a member server to a directory server, or vice versa, isn't supported.

It's how you interpret "recommend" and "isn't supported".

2. The same recommendation was given for a server 2008 DC and Exchange 2007 however I've done a server 2008 DC (active directory) install with Exchange and it's been running fine for over two years without any problems. I was certain it would work after testing in a test environment and I'd be able to support the configuration.  

My advice is configure in a test environment first you'll know real quick if you're going to experience problems and your ability to overcome any challenges.
I've done many AD/Exchange installs for companies that can't afford or don't want two servers and I've never had a problem.  Also, it's obviously the case for SBS servers.  So I'm not worried about that part.  I will see if I can set up the test environment, although I am fairly confident this will work.  Thanks!
Limitations of windows 2008 R2 foundation.

You have a user cap of 15 users.
I went ahead with this and have had absolutely no problems with it at all.