Lync Deployment via SCCM

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trying to deploy Lync 2010 to machines Via SCCM and it fails every time. Per microsoft i created the package with silverlight and vcc as a pre-req then the advertisement installs Lync. it goes through fine for the 2 pre-reqs but fails when it gets to lync. this has failed for x32 and x64. any ideas?
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I'm not too sure about SCCM but we are able to install silently by doing LyncSetup64.exe /silent


hey ThorinO
did you do that via group policy?
I have successfully deployed Lync with SCCM. I used a self signed certificate so I used 3 individual steps linked together to install the software.

1. Install Software
en_lync_2010_x86_598490.exe /install /silent

2. Import Cert
certmgr.exe -add test.cer -s -r localMachine root

3. Terminate lync - because I install as an admin lync tries to start under that account so I terminate it using the following.
taskkill /im communicator.exe /F
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thanks xxdcmast, i will give that a try, did you have silverlight installed on these machines already?
some may have had it installed but I think the lync installer detects and installs it if necessary.


sounds good ill get started thanks for the help. you did what MS Premier support is still trying to figure out. thanks
Also if your interest heres a psexec script that will do the same. Just modify for your locations etc.

@echo off
set /p var= Enter Computer Name: 
set /p var2= Enter username: 
set /p var3= Enter Password: 

psexec -u domain\%var2% -p %var3% \\%var% cmd /c copy "\\lync1\lync client\test.cer" C:\

psexec -u domain\%var2% -p %var3% \\%var% cmd /c copy "\\lync1\lync client\certmgr.exe" C:\

psexec -u domain\%var2% -p %var3% \\%var% cmd /c c:\certmgr.exe -add C:\test.cer -s -r localMachine root

psexec -u domain\%var2% -p %var3% \\%var% cmd /c "\\lync1\lync client\en_lync_2010_x86_598490.exe" /install /silent

psexec -u domain\%var2% -p %var3% \\%var% cmd /c taskkill /im communicator.exe /F


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thank you sir.
just a quick question: why is a self signed cert required?

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