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I'm using quickbook 2009 and have hard time using mutiple computer with it
I was wondering if upgrading to 2012 would help

But I read a lot of poor review

So what is the most user friendly sofware for a small business (bookkeeping, invoice, inventory etc ...)

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Try this.


other options from
I know you looking for other software, but we might be able to make your work,
"I'm using quickbook 2009 and have hard time using mutiple computer with it"
Do you have set to Multi-user mode?
Did you run the quickbooks firewall and connectivity tool?
Did you setup the one computer as the host of the company file?



- Do you have set to Multi-user mode?
No how can I do that (I'm using windows 7)

-Did you run the quickbooks firewall and connectivity tool?
No how can I do that ?

-Did you setup the one computer as the host of the company file?
I was saving the files from my computer to USB drive to switch computer but it become unmanageable
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You said several computers, all in one office, or different places?


different places

I use Get Paid for the iPhone/iPad.
You could just keep it on one computer, install LogMeIn Free, that way you can always get to it. The only issue is if someone is using that computer you would have to wait. Quickbooks also has an online edition, but I am not sure if that fits your company needs.
You need to install Quickbooks on a server in Multi-User Mode.  Make sure that the server is accessable to all the other systems.  The "server" can be a desktop that is not used by anyone, and is always on.  (Make sure to set power managment to Always On).

As long as everyone can connect, then you should have no issues.

I have also found some software that is "portable."  I used to use that when I would go to a client site.  I would plug a flash drive in and start writing my detailed invoice as I did the work.  Dta file stored locally to the flash drive.

Are you the only one running Quickbooks, or is it multiple people connecting from differant machines?  If it's just you, then you could save the data file to a location like DropBox or SkyDrive.  They can both be configured to mount a a drive on your system.  Then you can perform read / writes from other locations without having to set up multi-user.



         Any luck?



Sorry for the late answer , jamed at work.

I look into dropbox and skydrive but I don't want too and any extra montly fees on my business, too many already ;-)

I have an old desktop that maybe could do the job as a server but I will need to learn how  to set it up .

On the other and I own some domain name with web space, could I use those spaces on the webhosting server ? Would that be easier that way ? Could I set up an automatic file save on this webhosting space from quickbook ?
I've been using Quickbooks since 1999 and have upgraded every few years, The 2012 version configured properly in your office should work very well. If multiple users need simultaneous access, then you need a multi user license and should keep it in multi-user mode. if only one user neds it at a time, then you could use Logmein to allow each user to log into that pc (if they are remote) and enter their data.

With my last copy that I purchased from Amazon, it came with 90 Days of free tech support which you may benefit from.

Hope this helps!


this help thanks but I just read so many bad reviews about the upgrade that's why I try to look into other options
You can also download the 2012 version and use it for 30 days as a trial.

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