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I've added the following script to my wordpress page to allow the Visa payment as the default.  The client-side popup in IE (version 9) on my cart pages does not come up which is strange but it does come up on my laptop using the same browser and version.  Works just fine in FF.  Here is that script:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById('s2member-pro-paypal-checkout-card-type-visa').checked = true;
// -->

My popup blocker in IE is turned off too.  So both my desktop and laptop use exact same version but popup does not come up in desktop but does on laptop.  Settings in IE indicate that popup should display.  So when I remove that code, popup comes up on desktop but when I add it in, popup does not display in IE9. Any ideas why that would be happening?
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I have to assume the code to open your pop-up is below the line of code you've shared in your post which simply changes the checked status of what would appear to be a checkbox or radio button. If this line of code generates an error, all subsequent javascript would be skipped, thereby preventing the pop-up from opening if it follows this line.

Is there a checkbox or radio input element with id "s2member-pro-paypal-checkout-card-type-visa" on the page when this line of script is encountered?



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