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Using DCount to count certain fields in a table

I have a tabel that has a field called, DIV. In those fields are name of companies.
I need the total of certain companies that are in the DIV field. I am using an unbound field to put this information in.  

So what Im trying to say is look in this table under div and find 190-HBCT and count how many times it appears. Then divide that number by 20 to get the total percentage completed by that unit.

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Are you saying that your DIV field has data such as 190-HCBT and 1CAV?  If so then these should work:

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Is '190-HBCT' a field?  if so, try enclosing it and also 'DIV' in brackets.
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Oops, as mbizup's answer shows, I forgot part of the argument in my response.  Looks like either his answer or trbaze's would work for you depending on how you have your fields set up.