How to approach virtualizing a server environment?

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VMware seems to have products for virtualizing in many environments, but I'm not sure which products do what I need. How should I approach turning my physical servers into a virtual environment without bringing them down (p2v) and what products would I need from VMware to :
convert physical running servers to virtual files
bring them back up on new physical boxes under a virtual manager.

also need info on becoming a reseller, training and certification, $ estimates on suggested products, and what requirements do the products request.
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I believe EMC is parent company of VMWare and they have many products and services if you are looking for turnkey.  Or you can use the ESXi 5.0 free server to test the waters.
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vCenter Converter is the software for you to convert your physical servers into virtual machines. it is a robust, enterprise-class product for managing and automating large scale conversions, and you may leverage VMware vCenter Converter in your company for any P2V and V2V migration project.

most importantly, it is free of charge.

VMware vCenter Converter

for VMware training and certificates, all relevant information is available at VMware MyLearn site at

if you prefer the approach of server virtualisation, then the Datacenter Virtualization certificates are suitable for you, including the most respected VCP certificates.

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