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Hello, all.

Could someone, please, tell me how to get nice, clean text (no blur or jagged edges) for video on televison?

An example that comes to mind is the Infiniti car commercial, where it is nice, glossy, text at the end - with a little light animation for shine... but the text is extremely nice.

I have Avid Studio, Bryce 3D, Photoshop CS3, etc.

I can make it look fantastic in all those... but when sent to video - something happens and it becomes blurring, or jagged, etc.

Here is a link from one of my recent attempts:

If you click on one of the videos on the bottom left, it a little animated intro.
It looks fair, but... it is still blurry whatnot, but it is nice and crisp/clean in Flash/Swishmax/Photoshop, where I created it.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!!
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Hi Shane
The text seems fine, that slight blurring  or grainy look maybe the White Font has a drop shadow that may cause a small amount of drag as the effects you have coming in from behind.
I think the main problem is a slight pixelation that is an indication of the conversion to FLV from original is larger  or not a good format to convert to FLV
What was the original format of the clip on your hard drive?
Do you see this when playing the original before FLV in say media player classic home cinema?

I downloaded the John Dao  FLV one to see what frames you made, the text quality produced will be determined by the video scale and what format the original clip is and now converted to flash?
What bandwidth it is set to if you use that as that will also determine the speed of the clip
 and the speed of the transition effect itself ie timings you used.. . So a few things to consider
I can definitely see the difference between the Start Credits and the main video.
Probably because your eyes switch from animation to real it seems a lot clearer

Avid Studio should be fine, Photoshop CS3? did you use a still image blue background to create the Text effect
What I have done is capture a blue/black screen for 10 secs or however to use as a start or end credits then use that to make my video scrolling text with effects.
What I use is Power Director 10/ Nero Vision/ Windows Live Moviemaker
All in all it is pretty good I wouldn't be too worried about it, the start credit is really an animation so will look different from real video.
How did you create the original Text over blue before the animations or effects?

If you want to spruce up the text try adding a white drop shadow instead or a small inner bevel with white shadowing
G-Spot on John Dao clip
Check out the samples here on the SWiSH Max4 page they look very similar slightly grainy background, but if you look closely what they did was make a yellow Font a lot thicker but it looks as if the area they added  drop shadow is finer WHITE!!
 and emphasis the edges outside of the Font, also the background has an effect from light to darker.
Your Fonts have a black drop shadow
Comparison shows the letters look as though they are raised slightly


Thank you, Merete, for the helpful information.

I also used Swishmax 4 to make the initial animation, then I exported it as an image sequence, and then imported to Quicktime Pro to export as non-compressed file and then imported to Avid Studio, where I exported as MP4.
Thank you Ishane, glad I could help you.

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