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Clean text for video

Hello, all.

Could someone, please, tell me how to get nice, clean text (no blur or jagged edges) for video on televison?

An example that comes to mind is the Infiniti car commercial, where it is nice, glossy, text at the end - with a little light animation for shine... but the text is extremely nice.

I have Avid Studio, Bryce 3D, Photoshop CS3, etc.

I can make it look fantastic in all those... but when sent to video - something happens and it becomes blurring, or jagged, etc.

Here is a link from one of my recent attempts:

If you click on one of the videos on the bottom left, it a little animated intro.
It looks fair, but... it is still blurry whatnot, but it is nice and crisp/clean in Flash/Swishmax/Photoshop, where I created it.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!!
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Thank you, Merete, for the helpful information.

I also used Swishmax 4 to make the initial animation, then I exported it as an image sequence, and then imported to Quicktime Pro to export as non-compressed file and then imported to Avid Studio, where I exported as MP4.
Thank you Ishane, glad I could help you.