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1)      Are all xenapp servers in a citrix farm exact clones in terms of the apps installed on them?
2)      If not, and certain users need to access an app that’s on say only 2 of the 5 servers, how does the login process/load balancer know only to put them users on those 2 servers only?
3)      As a general rule how many concurrent users does a xenapp server support? Or is it based on hardware? But as a general rule, any ideas?
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1.  It depends on how they are created.  If they are created maually, then I doubt it.  It they are cloned/provisioned, then probably yes.  The servers do not all HAVE to have the same applications.  Some people create what are called application silos.  That means a group of servers may have a finance app, another group of servers may have an HR app and another group of servers may have Office.  Or, you could install the exact same set of applications on each server.  It just all depends on your needs.

2.  When you publish the apps you tell the wizard what servers will serve the apps and what users are allowed to access the apps.

3.  It depends.  I know some people who are lucky to get 6 users per beeft modern servers and other who get over 100.  It all depends on the types of applications used and the types of users you have.  A web based app with a SQL back-end will get more users per server than a pig of an old application written to only run on a PC.

The answer to almost any Citrix related question is "It Depends".  I am surprised Citrix did not trademark that!


So re 2 if user x needs to access the finance app that's only published on 2 of the 5 servers in the farm, the login process (what's tech term in citrix??) and load balancer consider that putting user x on the other 3 servers probs won't serve their needs so they need priority ticket to be logged on to one of the 2 servers with the finance app? Is the login and load balancer that savvy? Or could it log them on to a server where their finance app isn't installed to user xs frustration and disappointment?
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The other 3 servers will not even be considered because the app is only published on 2 servers.  Only those 2 servers will be considered when calculating which server to place the user on.  BUT there is huge downside to that.  You break session sharing and no the user will require multiple licenses.

Session sharing is where XenApp will do its best to place a user on a server they already have a session created/running.  Creating sessions is expensive in terms of server time & load.  Having a user reuse sessions also saves on memory usage.

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