What is the most efficient way to check if a date has the current month and year in sql

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I have a list of dates that are passed to a stored procedure.

I have to check if the date passed in has the current month  and current year.
Please note the list could contain over 2000 rows, so performance is important.
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WHERE DATEDIFF(m, paramDate, GETDATE()) = 0
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If the dates are in a table, then use a WHERE clause like this:

WHERE TheDate >= DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, 0, GETDATE()), 0) AND
    TheDate < DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, 0, GETDATE()) + 1, 0)

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@matthewspatrick: Why is the extra math and extra comparisons necessary?  Would using datediff alone, passing it month as the unit, not suffice?
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I ran the following to make sure  I wasn't oversimplifying the problem.  datediff(m,@d1,getdate)  returns 0 as expecting causing my where clause about to evaluate true.  The other two evaluate to false, as expected.

declare @d1 as datetime
declare @d2 as datetime
declare @d3 as datetime

set @d1 = '05/11/2012'
set @d2 = '05/01/2011'
set @d3 = '06/01/2012'

	datediff(m,@d1,getdate()),  --same month & year
	datediff(m,@d2,getdate()), --same month, different year
	datediff(m,@d3,getdate()) --different month, same year

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You are of course correct that a simpler WHERE clause will work:

WHERE DATEDIFF(month, TheDate, GETDATE()) = 0

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I do not recommend that approach, however, because that particular test will not be able to leverage any indexes on that table.  I prefer the approach I used because if that date column is indexed, my expression can make good use of it.



Makes sense.  Thanks.  Glad I asked.


Thank you both, in my case the date was not indexed

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