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I am trying to install bash on my existing AIX 7.1

I go to smit and perform an install software

I specify /dev/cd0

I have the AIX 7.1 disk 1 of 2 base install (not the update disk)

I get the following error:

  |   1800-106 An error occurred:                                            |
  |                                                                          |
  |   0503-104 geninstall: Device /dev/cd0 is not Available.                 |
  |   #--------------------------------------------------------------------- |
  |   # No installable software products were found on the media.            |
  |   #--------------------------------------------------------------------- |

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1> Am I using the correct disk (base install 1 of 2)

2> If I am what seems to be the problem >

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1) bash is not on the AIX installation disks, it's on the "Toolbox" CD that came with the OS, or, in a newer version, it's available for download here:

Either add the toolbox CD's content (ISO) to the VIO's repository, load the image into the virtual optical drive
and install via smit as usual, or download the rpm file, put it into /usr/sys/inst.images, then run:

rpm -ivh /usr/sys/inst.images/bash-4.2-6.aix5.1.ppc.rpm

2) Seems you didn't load the ISO image into the virtual optical device, or it's no longer "cd0" but "cd1" or "cd2" or the like.
If the latter is true best remove all cdx devices:

rmdev -dl cd0

and have cfgmgr redetect the virtual device:


Now you should have only cd0 left.

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