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Exchange 2003 Removal From Yahoo BlackList

our exchange 2003 server was recently higjacked and sending out tons of spam. I fixed all the filters and changed all the user passwords so the mail queues are once again normal. But, I am still not able to send emails to certain domains one of them being so i think we are on their blacklist. I cannot find the exact form on yahoo's site to request removal from their blacklist. I have checked all the blacklist checkers out there and our domain is on none of them. can someone help me out?

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Check if this helps

You might need to wait for 3 days for the change to be replicate globally
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As an alternative, if you have a second public IP you can use, switch to it.  If not a static IP but dynamic, changing the MAC address of the WAN router connection will force a different IP, though not always the best practice in case you duplicate a real MAC.
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Yea I will keep that in mind for the future. Althought it looks like changing all the passwords fixed the issue as some user must have had their account hijacked.