Excel 2007: making tabs on ribbon invisible

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How do I make the "get started" tab dissappear in Excel 2007? Please provide step by step instructions. Please don't refer any special tools or softtware as my employer does not allow them..

I am hoping I can use the info you provide to hide other tabs in the future if requested.
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Note: to hide other tabs, you will need to edit the XML makeup of a workbook. that's a LOT easier if you can get hold of the CustomUI editor. If not, you'll be swearing at notepad a lot, I think. :)
See Ron's site here: www.rondebruin.nl/ribbon.htm


Thanks! For the feedback. Can anyone provide me step by step instructions on how to physically hide a tab in an excel file without external programs. If you show me how to do one tab I can figure out the rest.
Its super easy in 2010, I'm not sure of a way other than the CustomUI editor for 2007. Looks like this could be promising though:

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