How to conntect the laptop to lynksys switch SRW248G4P

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Hello all,
I have al lynksys switch SRW248G4P. It has console serial port. I use the console cable to connect the laptop to the switch. I connect DB 9 female to the switch and ethernet connector to the laptop. However, it cannot establish the connection. I don't know why.
Could you please give me some hint how to connect it?
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That cable you have is for Cisco router where you connect the DB9 end to your laptop's serial port and the RJ45 port to the router's Console Port (light blue)

Now for Linksys you need a different cable (usually comes with it, and it's light cream color) and it has DB9 on both ends.

Remember it's the serial port of your laptop, and if your laptop does not have a serial port then either get an older laptop, use a desktop PC or grab one of those Serial-to-USB adapters
This is the cable that you need:
The cable that you need

Oh, one more thing. This is the configuration instructions after you get the cable. but these instructions are for cisco router, for linksys they might be a bit different, but this is just a reference for you to see what steps you might have to take after you get your right cable.


I got it. Thanks.

Good. So you got both the cable and managed to get hyperterminal working?

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