DNS Name Resolution Conflict with Public Active Directory Domain Name

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I am expierencing problems with internal DNS name resolution.  The problem seems to be the internal active directory domain name is set to xyz.com.  The same domain name, xyz.com is also available externally for website hosting.  Client workstations are configured use the DNS server on the active directory domain controller.  Randomly, the client workstation will attempt to resolve names using external DNS name servers.

I would like to prevent DNS name resolution for internal resources from using external DNS servers.  At the same time still allow internal clients to resolve xyz.com website access.  

A netgear router/firewall has been installed as well.  Any suggestions for a remedy?
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ALL MAchines on an active directory network should ONLY have the internal Active Directory DNS servers listed on the NIC's as DNS servers. NO routers and NO ISP and NO External DNS.

If this is the case then you should never have the problem you describe.
Configure a new zone under Conditional Forwarders.

Right-click -> New Conditional Forwarder
DNS Domain: xyz.com
Add IP address(es)
Normally you should never use the same domain internal and on the external webserver.´
May be you could install a webserver on a internal server and host your website there (just for your internal use). Or add another domain to your external webserver, so you can access your website over this domainname from internal.

What Neilsr answered ist very important. All Clients in your network should ask your internal (AD integrated) DNS Server to resolve any DNS Requests.

A Conditional Forwarder will not solve this problem.

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