Move DHCP scope from 2003 to Existing 2008 DHCP Server

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I have 3 DHCP servers. All are old Windows 2003 boxes. I want to combind all the scopes on a new Windows 2008 R2 running under our VMWare cluster.
On my Cisco switches I have already prepped this by adding an IP Helper-Address statement pointing to the new server.

The one thing they don't go into detail is how to move a scope onto an existing DHCP server already serving as a DHCP server with existing scopes. I don't want to replace what I have, just add to it.
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you can use

netsh dhcp server export "<filename>" <ScopeName> OR <ScopeList>.

and then netsh dhcp server import

have a look here:

HTH bye! :-)
I usually shorten the leas time on the old scope, narrow the range on the old scope.  Then create the new scope on the new server, set the range to the unused part of the scope, then deactivate the old scope and activate the new scope on the new server.  Once everyone is using the new server, then you can expand the range back to the full scope.

i disagree with dons6718, especially if you have reservations: that way you need to recreate it manually.

The important thing to know is that you risk to create ip conflicts and other problems and you are exposed to typo errors while configuring manually.

Another one is that exporting/importing with netsh is simple and fast, so i don't see the need to reconfigure manually.

Keep in mind (but i think you should know it already) that you need to change the IP helper that forwards DHCP packets on the switches or router that connects the VLANs.



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