XenApp 6.5 - can't enable audio for remote users

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Server 2008 running XenApp 6.5 publishing a desktop

I need XenApp users to be able to listen to MP3's as our voicemail system can email MP3's users. When i log on through RDP, i can listen to it. When i log in through XenApp,  (same user with administrative privileged)

Screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/NUKhJ.png

i didn't see anything in my group policies preventing audio. I checked the policy settings within XenApp and didn't see anything preventing it. Is it disabled by default?
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Ayman BakrSenior Consultant
Did you configure the 'Client Audio Redirection' in the Citrix policies in AppCenter?

If so, also check that audio is not disabled in the Terminal services configuration on the server ICA-tcp settings. Check this link also for more info:


Moreover you need to ensure that audio is enabled on the 'Client Audio Settings' on the user's device.


I followed the guide and ensured all of those options are allowed. Rebooted and no luck. One thing i couldn't find was the ICA tcp/ip thing they mentioned. I'll keep looking
Ayman BakrSenior Consultant

Did you ensure that Client Audio Settings on the user's device are enabled?
Check your group policy under Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Allow audio and video playback redirection is enabled.

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