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I'd like to know if you can create a Sharepoint dev environment on one virtual server.  If so, any idea as to how large the hard drive should be, how much RAM, how many processors?
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Stand alone install of foundation or Server (SQL Server Express is installed as part of a stand alone server install). On either Windows 2008R2 or Windows 7 64 Bit.

That's the easy part, the hardware specs very much depend on what you plan to do.
I wouldn't go with less that 8GB of RAM.

CPU might be a balancing act of how much you can throw at it compared how much you want to be licensed for physical/virtual cores.

Disk space.
Personally I would ensure that the SQL databases go on a non-system drive (meaning not C drive) and would also set SP logging to a separate drive too.
So C: = windows, program installs (SQL and SP)
D: = data... SQL Databases, SP logging, user files

Will backups be made to the local drive or a network location?
If network then that's one (disk space) thing less to worry about.

Will this dev environment mirror your production environment or is it simply a place to create and test web parts?

Not really any magic numbers
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the more RAM the better ;-)

Depends on what development (and testing,...) you will do. How much content do you create / upload?
Which SharePoint version (2007 vs. 2010) and which edition (WSS/Foundation vs. Standard vs. Enterprise)?
Which composites will you use? BI stack, collaboration,...

In general words speaking, 8GB Ram for a "normal" virtual server including MSS 2010, SQL 2008R2/2012 will run. 16GB RAM is much more conveniant for all the service applications.
Harddisk should be around 80GB for all installation stuff - ideally SSD as second drive (not the drive where host is running on).
CPU as RAM: the more the better. But 4 cores should be fair enough.



Thanks to you both, your feedback was very helpful with this project.

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