Setting up Test Domain on VMWare Workstation 8

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I did this before, years ago on Workstation 6.5. Basically I want to do the following on VM Workstation 8:

1. Server running Windows 2008 R2. This is the domain controller, and is running DHCP and DNS. Both have been set up and running. This server has two NICs, one for the servers/workstations on the test domain to connect, and another to connect to the host machine for internet access. NIC1 is setup as:
Static IP Address:
Default gateway:

Preferred DNS Server:

2. Server Running Windows 2008 R2. This is to be my SQL Server and I want to add it to my domain. It has a single NIC which is set to receive a dynamic address and a preferred DNS of

The problem is that I cannot ping either server; server 1 cannot ping server 2 and vice versa. I've tried every combination of Network connection setting in the virtual machine properties on both servers: NAT, Bridged, Host Only, Custom, but they still cannot communicate. I've also tried assinging a static IP address to server 2 which is within the scope I specified when setting up DHCP, but this still does not work.

What do I need to setup for the Network Connection properties in order to be able to communicate between the two servers?
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Do you have your servers configured to reply back to ICMP echo requests?
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turn off firewalls, and ensure VMs are on the same network, eg bridged, nat or host only
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Watch this video at 13 seconds mark. This will tell you how to create a VLAN for images. There is no sound but if you just follow it, you will be OK.

Do it for both the VMs
Same as Hanccocks : are you sure both servers are on the same network? And with firewalls off?
I am pretty sure Windows Firewall blocks ICMP by default.


Correct Hancocka, and second prize to Frederi. ICMP was blocked by the firewall. All is good and the SQL Server is now on the domain!

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