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Will 100/200GB LTO Tapes work in 200/400GB LTO 2 Tape Drive?

  I have 100/200GB LTO Tapes  that I used to use with Tandberg 100/200 LTO Tape Drive.
  It went bad and I need to replace it with the same model or something else and I was wondering if I get Tandberg 200/400 LTO tape drive, would it be able to read/write on 100/200GB LTO Tapes ?

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apart from above expert i would like to add my personal experience is
"Will 100/200GB LTO Tapes work in 200/400GB LTO 2 Tape Drive" NO

i also tried LTO 3, with 800/1600 with no sucess..
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andyalder says they are compatible, but now Syed_M_Usman shares totally opposite experience.
Are there more people out there who can share their direct experience?
Andyalder is Hardware Guru, i am not opposing his comment, i shared only my experience..
To be certified they have to have that backward capability, however you can get faulty drives with worn heads which still struggle on through using media of the native capacity but fail on media from a previous or future generation. You cannot of course read an LTO4 tape written by an LTO4 drive with an LTO3 drive since the bit density is too high, but you can overwrite it with the LTO3 drive.
Experiences may differ,   We had the same situation and it read the tapes fine with the same manufactor tape drive, IBM.  
How much longer do you need to keep the LTO1 tapes?  Could you off load them and reload them onto an LTO4 tape?  Buy a used LTO1 tape drive to unload?  Just a thought
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Based on varying views and past experience, I will just stick to the same capacity tape drive.

Thank you for all of your opinions.
Wondering if you will be able to get a new LTO1 nowadays, second hand one might have a worn head. Maybe cheaper to get the head replaced on the current one, had ours fixed for a fixed-price repair of £250.
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When I contacted Tandberg, they were charging $500 for a refurbished one.
I found some decent ones (around $300) from Ebay and probably that is what I will get the replacement from.
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 I need to stay with the same manufacturer. Thanks for your suggestion.
Again LTO is a standard, so you should be able to read and write using any manufacturer's drive.
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  You were correct. I just spoke to Tandberg tech support and they told me that I could use 100/200GB tapes in 200/400 GB tape drive. Basically I can go down one generation in terms of compatibility.

Thank you for your expertise.