C# How can I work with another programmer?

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I'm working on a C# WinForms project.  I need to bring in another programmer to help me but I don't want to give him full access to the project.  Is it possible to have him design some forms, including the code behind, then have him email them to me?  Any ideas are helpful.
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You could use some sloud sync tools like Dropbox where you can share a folder with his part of the code. That way, anytime he changes something in the files, you'll get it synced on your local file system. No need to keep it complicated with emailing it.
Plus, in your dropbox account, you'll have log information about all the changes.
Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
Top Expert 2009

You can divide your work, so that the new developer needs to give you all the required winfors in a separate assembly that you add to your project. Thus you only need to worry about files changes in that assembly only.
Some source controls allow to restrict which projects/areas the developer can read/write. for example TFS:
.Net Full Stack Developer

I did started on same line initially some 7 years back.
My Senior used to send me the design in word document
and the design functionality needed.

1. So build the project which is similar to yours and then send him the skeleton of it.
2. let him design as per your word document and test it.
3. Once developer is good he can send the Form or Project via email to you.
4. You can simply pick the form or class required and update your Main project.

Having said that, if you can afford TFS it's always better.

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Is there an easy way to send a skeleton?  Just manually take out the code?
What if I did this...
- asked him to make a form called Form3
- gave him my directions
- he emailed me the .cs and Designer.cs files

Would that work s long as he didn't need access to any of my classes?
Navneet.Net Full Stack Developer


yea that will work fine
developer just need to send the

Skeleton he can just create for his own testing, however you can provide skeleton with bare minimum requirement like logging structure, database structure if required.

yes, it can work first of tell him scenario in which you are tackle. then if necessary send him a part of a code in text document which is creating a problem, if he is a expert he can easily identify and give the solution of problem to you. there is no need to send full project.
Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
Top Expert 2009

Follow up of my  previous post.As long as the code is self contained in implementation and scope, you should be OK.
Keep in mind that:
- Your requirement specification (GUI and business rules in form of doco or just a simple email scenario) depends on the business needs complexity as well as the programmer's experience.
- Your coding standards must be clear.
- Starter code is important for tracking purposes.

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