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Ok, the issue is I brought in a server and a few client machines from a company we acquired after shutting down the redundant office.
I put the new server housing SBT (I know nothing about SBT) on our network and also one of their old client machines, figuring that since nothing really change between the two machine that it would work when it got to this end. I made the appropriate IP changes and what not. But I cannot get the client to connect to SBT I get an error about the SYCCACC is missing.

I have read to delete all of the *.MEM file, does this mean every *.MEM file from the machine or just the ones in the Pro 30 directory?
No changes were made to the drive maps or anything else other then the IP scheme.

Any help would be great, this seems to be the only place to find any info and help on SBT on the web.

Thanks in advance for your help
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This FoxPro forum, not SBT... So you can wait if somebody knows the answer or call directly the expert:
Sounds like the drive mapping is not there anymore. The same drive that was mapped in the original installation must be there in the final.

Set up SBT systems for over 20 years. EMail me direct if you need to


i check the drive mapping and as far as i know it has not changed.
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If the drive mapping is there, then make sure the name of the folder that you have SBT installed in has not changed. Also make sure that security settings on the folder allow all dbf, fpt and cdx files to be opened for read and write.

SBT is running trying to open all the system files at the point you are getting the message and is throwing the error because it cannot open the syccacc.dbf file. If anything is amiss in trying to open that file or any system file, whether it is permissions, drive mapping, folder name, etc, then you'll get that message.


Jharkins  how/where can i check to see what the proper Mapping should be for the SBT cleint to run.
FYI I am having an DNS issue between the SBT server and the rest of the network, could this be part of my problem?




I ran the SBT client (pro series 5.0i) on the SBT server today just to see what would happen and it loaded but I got an error about the temporary data directory is not accessible

Any help would be great because this thing is killing me.

The error just means the folder listed in the message was created under Admin account but SBT is trying to use it under different account so it is not accessible probably.

Anyway SBT should work because it will use slower K: drive for temp files.

Do you use some CONFIG.FPW file for SBT?

Sorry for being out of touch yesterday ...

That error message is pretty standard. As pcelba mentioned it could relate to security or it could be that the temp folder does not exist at all because you are running on the server. But as mentioned SBT should still run. If not, it is an indication that the K: drive mapping does not exist, or is not accessable. In your installation, the K: drive must be mapped so that it contains the PRO30 folder in its root. That drive would need to be mapped on any machine you run SBT from, client OR server.

Again, email me directly if you need to.


the temp directory does exists exactly where the error states that it doen't exist and the K: drive does have the pro 30 directory in its root.

and the client is mapped to the k drive.

these are all the resons that I don't understand why it doesn't work because as far as i can tell it should.

Make sure whatever user you are running as has permission to access the K: drive, and has read/write permission in the pro30 folder. The temp folder in the error message on the C: drive does not matter; SBT will run using the K: drive. If it does not run, then there is probably a security/permissions issue with the PRO30 folder.

You mentioned that this server came from another office. That would mean another network, does it not? If so, I would take a good hard look at the security setup on that folder. Even if you see "administrator" or domain users listed as those having permission, it may be that the permissions are set up for users from the original domain/workgroup/machine, and not for users on the domain you are logged in to now.


I have checked a rechecked all my permissions on all the drives involved and permisions across the trust.  I can't find anything that doesn't add up.

the client i am using to to run the SBT program is on the same domain as the SBT server.

these two machines worked together when they were in there original location at the old office.  that is why i used them first when i went to set this up at the main office.

still looking for an answer.

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