Track incoming traffic from remote ip addresses to local users, relayed via smtp on Exchange 2010.

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Your help would be greatly appreicated.

We have a new SBS 2011 server with Exchange 2010.

We have a number of remote sites that need to send emails relating to triggers from a raid configuration on dvrs.

The emails are sent via the Exchange server to a local distribution list with 3 members. However the emails are not getting to these 3 members.

I've configured the SBS Receive Connector to accept mail from Anonymous users from the various ip addresses at the remote sites.

Is there a way to check all incoming smtp traffic to this distribution list from these ip addresses, whether or not they hit the mailboxes?

Many thanks in advance
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You'll want to enable Exchange message tracking to see the details of where these messages are ending up:

In my experience, though, it is usually just easier to use a 3rd party email account for these type of messages --- especially because they are originating outside of your internal network.   You can easily create a Hotmail or GMail account to send the notifications instead.



Ill give that a shot. Thanks.

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