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Place of inserting fomula

How do find out where does the formula inserted to report? I have a formula on the report. There's green check on it. but I couldn't locate it on the report.

Crystal Reports

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Mike McCracken
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press Cntr+ F  or go to menu Edit ->Find and type the name of the formula in the "Find what" textbox, then click Mark All
the other way is
Go to menu View->Report Explorer and try to find the formula in the tree
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Mike McCracken

That will find the ones on the report.

If it might exist in other formulas
Right click if in the FIELD EXPLORER

The formula editor will open and you will see a list of all the formulas it is in.

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Where is the "if" in the FIELD EXPLORER locates?
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Mike McCracken

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FWIW, I'm using CR 10 and I don't have that "Find in formulas" option, so they must have added that in one of the more recent versions.  If you're using an older version, you won't have that option.

 What I do is go into the formula editor and "open" all of the branches on the left side of the screen - Everything from "Formula Fields", down, including all of the sub-branches (+'s) under "Formatting Formulas".  Then I select the last thing in the list and use the arrow key to move up the list.  Wherever there is a formula, it will show up in the editor, and you can see if whatever you're looking for is referenced there.  I think that will catch pretty much anything "behind the scenes" (ie. not just the formula in a field on the report).

 Also, I find that sometimes when I remove a reference to a formula (like maybe a summary), the formula will still show as being in use (green check) until I save the report, and maybe close and re-open it.  So, if you just removed the last known reference to a formula and it's still checked, you might want to save the report and close and re-open it, and see if the check goes away.

Please note, it might also be used a link to a subreport. Go to the Edit menu and see if subreport links are enabled. If so, click them to pull up the links to your subreport(s) to check them.
ROWFEI - You seem to have closed some questions today just to get them closed.  You have selected comments that are answers or part of the answer.  

Particularly in this case, there are 3 other comments from experts that could have been part of the answer.  If my comment was the answer that is fine in this particular case, however the other comments are reasonable possibilities or ways to find where a formula is being used in the report.

This is one of the more frustrating things in Crystal.  You want to remove a field or formula from the report and you can't find every place it is.  The comments above give 4 methods for finding the uses and deleting them  I don't believe any one of them will find all occurances and I usually use a combination of them.  Also the methods available vary from version to version.

You might want to rethink the award of this question.  If my solution found it and the others did not then fine.  In the future pleade try to be a little more accurate in selecting the solution.  Another thing you can do is add a comment indicating why a particular solution did not work or even just a comment saying I tried your idea and it didn't help.

Remember, points are to be awarded to comments that led to the solution.  Effort is not to be rewarded just comments that are part of the solution.

Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports

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