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What is the best way to implement timeout functionality for inactive sessions.


- After 2 hours of inactivity, a DIV or popup window is displayed asking to continue or close session

- If the user clicks the "continue" button then the timer re-sets for 2 hours and the session remains open.

- If the user does nothing or clicks the close button, then the sessions terminates and the browser page is redirected to the login page.

What is the best method to go about adding this functionality to a ColdFusion application?

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This would be javascript.   Basically, on each page load you want to start a count down timer for the session timeout you've designated.   When the timeout is reached, the function associated with the timer would display the popup (which could be a CFwindow or a simple javascript "confirm()" funtion).   When this popup is displayed, set the timer to 5 more minutes with a function to redirect the page to the login page (with a logout action to kill the session).   If the Ok is pressed, set the timeout to a new value (20 more minutes or something?)


Thank you for the comments.  I was able to develop timeout functionality using JS and CFWINDOW.

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