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Append SQL

I want to append data into 2 colums


I have 4 checkbox on a form when they are checked trueI want to append the MemberID to a table.

That leaves the ServiceID null,

If check box A is true 1 want the serviceID to be 1
If check box B is true 1 want the serviceID to be 2
If check box C is true 1 want the serviceID to be 3
If check box D is true 1 want the serviceID to be4

i cannot use an update after the record insertion because I want to create a unique index.

I thought of changing teh default value bit I am using a SQL server 2005 back end with an MS Access 2010 front end
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Could you think about an ON INSERT trigger perhaps.
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The only problem is that the value for the serviceid is comes from the Frontend
Please post the structure (CREATE TABLE) for your table.
You can still use the AfterUpdate event on each checkbox control to insert your record... The fact that event is being called doesn't mean that a record has been inserted anywhere or by anything.

so for example:

Private Sub CheckboxA_AfterUpdate()
    Dim strSQL As String
    strSQL = "INSERT INTO MyTable (MemberID, ServiceID) VALUES (" & Me.txtMemberID & ", 1)"
    CurrentDb.Execute strSQL
End Sub

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(I didn't see where you were getting MemberID, but in that example it'd be coming from a textbox on your form, if it's an Autonumber field in MyTable you'd just drop it from the field and value lists so it would be

INSERT INTO MyTable (ServiceID) VALUES (1)

Now there's no error handling and this is just the sample for checkbox A (put a ,2 ,3 ,4 for B C and D respectively) but that's the idea.
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Sorry about the delay

I have got teh idea and wriitem some code

Private Sub ROC_AfterUpdate()

    If ROC = True And Post = True Then

        Dim strSQL As String
            strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblMember_Services_Contact Type (MemberID, ServiceID) VALUES (" & Me.MemberID & ", 4, 4)"
            CurrentDb.Execute strSQL

    End If

End Sub
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