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Alternative tool to convert physical server to VHD

I used SCVMM 2012 but it's an overkill, I sued disk2vhd but it has limitations. It creates only dynamic disks and I cannot specify to create separate VHDs for each volume even if it's on the same disk. Unless I run separate conversion for each volume but then I end up with a raw image of the other volume in each partition.

Also, when I then try to use VHDresier tool ( it says it's an invalid VHD file and I can't easilu shrink it and convert to fixed disk

Any suggestions would be apreciated
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VMware Converter to VMDK

Starwind VMDK to VHD

all for free
Try this:

Use VMware Converter to create VMDKs and then convert to VHDs using this tool:
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is there a paid tool that can do all the magic easily?
SCVMM which you already experienced.
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I'm running a test conversion of a 99GB drive and trying to create a fixed drive of 60GB as there is only 30GB of data on that disk so I don't want the VHd to be 90 but 60GB the file created is already 99GB? Any idea how to make it 60GB?
the demo version is so limited, hard to test the software
You can always ask them to give you full version for testing.
As for the previous question - on the page where you select the interface of target virtual disk (IDE or SCSI) there find a small button right after IDE - press it and the resize screen will open. There make the result drive size smaller.