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If I purchase a Cisco ASA 5505 with the Security Plus VPN what layers of the OSI model will it protect?

Only up to layer 3 or will there be any other layer protection?

Thank you
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It can protect the application layer (layer 7) on several services, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, etc. What exactly do you want to accomplish?

The security plus license will grant you the ability to use 3DES/AES encryption, as well as increase number of IPSEC VPN tunnels, and some other additional features.


I'm looking for URL protect, IDS, IPS, kind like an "All in one solution Unified threat management protection".  

Fortigate / Fortinet is pretty good device that accomplishes this ... but we want to use Cisco.
Cisco can add IDS/IPS protection in a modular fashion, to ASA models:

These have a wide range of IDS/IPS capabilities, depending on how you want to license your ASA, and what ASA model you have. (See link provided above)


thank you

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