Restricting Access in a Windows 2008 Server

Ben Conner
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I have a company who needs to have access to a subfolder on a drive with a lot of other stuff on it, and potentially the c:/windows folder, and a single site in the IIS Admin area.  I don't want them to even see other folders or sites hosted on this server.

I'm not even sure I can do that in Windows 2008.  ??


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Create a security group for your guests.

Restrict the folder using both Sharing and NTFS permissions.



Right-click on the folder -> Properties -> Sharing tab -> Advanced Sharing -> click Share this folder -> Share name: HRStuff -> click Permissions -> remove the everyone group and add your security group for your guests and click allow Change -> click OK -> Click OK

Click the Security tab -> Edit -> Add -> Add your security group with allow Modify permissions -> click OK -> click OK

Sharing and NTFS permissions are cumulative with the most restrictive combination winning.

I hope this helps.

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