something is deleting my send items in exchange

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My send items in my exchanges 2010  are getting deleted.
I have look everything without any luck in 24 hours the send items folder is will be empty.
Nothing in deleted folder.
To make it stranger its only happening in one account.

What can cause this?
There is a tool that can tell me who or what it deleting the sent item folder?

been with microsoft 3 hours on the phone and i'm in step one again!

Server: small business 2011
workstation : xp with outlook 2003
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1. Navigate to your Exchange OWA (Outlook Web Access) site. Log on and send a few test emails from there. See if those test emails end up in our "sent" items. If so, check if they also get deleted later.

2. In Outlook, check for autoarchive settings, that would be responsible for extracting emails and archiving them.

3. Check your "Inbox Rules" or "Rules Wizard" or "Inbox Assistant" in your "Tools" menu. I can't remember the exact term in Outlook 2003. See if you have a mailbox rule that handles/mishandles your sent items or deleted items.


where is the autoarchiving setting?
...should document it pretty well.


all the problem was outlook for some reason ?
I installed office 2010 and it was gone

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