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HP DV6700 - No audio

Error message is "No audio output device is installed" when you click the speaker icon on the taskbar. HP's website is a nightmare: it so needs a redesign! I've tried restarting Windows audio in services. Tried uninstalling Windows Speaker in System. Any ideas? Want to avoid a full recovery if possible.
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>>> HP's website is a nightmare   <--- Agree.

Try the HP site below. There is an audio driver listed for your machine. Download the driver, uninstall the auido, restart and re-install the new driver.

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Try going to Recovery Manager and reinstall the "Contexant HD-Audio SmartAMC HD2 Driver" and restart computer.
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Tried all the above three offered solutions. No better
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Did all the above and still the same. Must be a hardware problem, I guess?
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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

bad motherboard after all other possibilities have ben excluded
Hardware diagnostics as suggested in post http:#a38005094 will disclose a hardware problem such as bad motherboard. atayqed appeared to agree with that in post http:#a38025327

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