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I need a help with a component descendent from TListBox

Hello Friends

For my project I am using this component


The advsmoothlistbox is very interessting and nice for what I need to do.

But I am having some trouble to reach what I want to do. Well, let me explain

so you can understand and help me.

This project is for students

I have a small text and 10 questions. My task is a routine for each question that has 4 options where only one will be chosen, only one is the suitable answer.

On a form I have a scrollbox where I create in run time 10 advsmoothlistbox, each advsmoothlistbox  has a header where is the question and 4 itens where of them is the correct.  The component has this option for header and itens.

The student will choose one item and click on, when it is done that, the component turn on the item selected.

After having all itens of each advsmoothlistbox selected, I want to correct the selection.

If the student selected the correct alternative, the  item must be in blue color to show him that its answer was right.

If the answer is not right, the correct answer must be displayed in blue color and its answer must be in red color.

My difficult is being how to manipulate the color, so I need an example to do that. I think that all the code must be in onItemDraw. But you can tell me if there is the suitable place to do.

Well, a small  example with the component advsmoothlistbox  that you can download it to try is very welcome, so this way I can see how to reach the goal and inplamentate my code.


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8/22/2022 - Mon
Ferruccio Accalai

Well, here's just my suggestion.

FIrst of all you have to know for any advsmoothlistbox (from now called advlb) wich is the correct answer, so you can store the itemindex of the correct answer into the tag value.

Then , if you want that the user selects just one option without let it change it after,  just set the advlb as enabled = false, so he cannot change his choice.

Finally, after any selection in any advlb, you can do the results check by a loop.

Do not use the ItemDraw event to do this, as it's fired during any advlb redrawing starting from creation. Just run a loop at the end of the selections.

Now a little bit of code

After the selection, to stop any other selection into the advlb
you can link this procedure to any advlb on your form

procedure TForm1.AdvSmoothListBox1ItemSelected(Sender: TObject; itemindex: Integer);
  TAdvSmoothListBox(Sender).Enabled := false;

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(remember to re-enable them on a new starting test)

Now the results check.
I've used a simple tbutton, but you can decide to do it when the last advlb is selected

You said that the advlb's are dropped into a scrollbox, so we will do a loop into it, and when an advlb is found we will do a check for its items.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  i, x: Integer;
  with ScrollBox1 do
    for x := controlcount - 1 downto 0 do
      if Controls[x] is TAdvSmoothListBox then
        with TAdvSmoothListBox(ScrollBox1.Controls[x]) do
          for i := 0 to Items.Count - 1 do
            if Items[i].selected then
              if i <> tag then
                Items[i].CaptionFont.Color := clred
                Items[i].CaptionFont.Color := clblue
            else if i = tag then
              Items[i].CaptionFont.Color := clblue;

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There are other string properties that can be stored and changed. If you have dowloaded the whole TMS Smooth Controls you will find very useful the Demo Directory that contains a lot of demo, included one for this ListBox component under C:\Users\Public\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Smooth Controls Demos\Listbox)

Hope that this my comment could be a good point of start for you

Hi Ferruccio68,

I understood perfectly what you gave me.

You give another point of view, I didn't think about item[x].CaptionFont.color

I had thought changing the color of brush of the item. But your way it is totally suitable :)

Just one question, would it be complicated change the brush color of the item?

Ferruccio Accalai

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one more time, thanks very much friend for your help
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William Peck


Have you seen this event AdvSmoothListBox1ItemCustomizeFill ?

Maybe this event  can give a better fill with color for correct and incorrect answer, what do you think? If you want, I can open another thread with this complement. well, I think it is fair

I got it :)))

procedure TFEditorQuestOP.ListMatrizItemCustomizeFill(Sender: TObject;
  Item: TAdvSmoothListBoxItem; AFill, ADisabledFill,
  ASelectedFill: TGDIPFill);
  with TAdvSmoothListBoxItem(Sender) do begin
    if (CaptionFont.Color = clred) Then Begin
      AFill.Color   := clRed;
      AFill.ColorTo := clWhite;
      AFill.ColorMirror := clWhite;
      AFill.ColorMirrorTo := clRed;

    if (CaptionFont.Color = clblue) Then Begin
        AFill.Color := clBlue;
        AFill.ColorTo := clWhite;
        AFill.ColorMirror := clWhite;
        AFill.ColorMirrorTo := clblue;


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