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DB2 date function between specific dates next month

Every month on the 23rd, I'll run a query whereupon I want to pick up assets that mature between  the 14th of next month and the last day of next month. *For 5/23, it's going to be btwn 6/14 and 6/30.
What date function do I need to use?

<= CURRENT_DATE  + 40 days doesn't work as it still includes 5/23, 5/31, etc.

Thank you for your help.
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Hi Saved,

If you can tolerate a query that's a little flexible, here's one that you can run any time during the month and it will pick the items in that range for next month.

SELECT * FROM sometable
WHERE current_date - (day (current_date - 1 + 13)) days + 1 month <= mature_date
  AND current_date - (day (current_date) -1) days + 2 months > mature_date

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Good Luck,
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Perfect solution! Exactly what I needed.
When looking at the output again, I see a mistake in calculating the last day of the month

It should be

dt-(day(dt)-1) days+2 months - 1 day

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