Mails from some domains not being received

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I recently have been made aware by one of my customers that there emails are not making it through to my exchange server.
Is there a tool i can use to check why this is happening. All my other email seems to be coming through as expected.
I do have my email routed through Googles postini however the address that is being sent to is not one of the email accounts I have added to the users group in Postini.

Any ideas?
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Depending on your version of Exchange Server - you will have SMTP logging / protocol logging collected in different folder locations.

In Exchange 2010 - it's in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Logs\ProtocolLog\SmtpReceive

Note that you have to turn on verbose logging:
In Exchange Management Console, expand "Server Configuration" and highlight "Hub Transport". Right click your receive connector(s) and choose properties. Make sure protocol logging is set to "verbose".

Now refer back to the location of your SMTPReceive logs. In there, you might find what is happening when the sending email server is attempting to connect to you.

If you have a separate SPAM filter in front of your Exchange Server - you would have to look there as well.

Can you describe your messaging envrionment in a little more detail?


We have exchange server 2010 located and installed on our premise. We have Googles hosted email filtering service (Postini) setup to manage all incoming mail.

I have looked in the inbound email logs of postini but I am unable to find anything helpful.
Are the emails that are being sent from this customer - bouncing back to them?  (Also called an "NDR" - NonDelivery Report)  Can the sender forward, AS AN ATTACHMENT that bounced NDR message to your personal email account (GMail or Yahoo) so that you can examine it?

Someone here on Experts Exchange had a problem with Postini just last week. They had to contact Postini to resolve the issue. Please make sure they are aware of your problem.


I have logged a ticket with Postini but there response time is nothing like experts-exchange :(

I confirmed the user did not receive any bounceback mail.

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