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Adding machines to a new Domain

I just installed Windows 2008 and created a forest and a domain . (Test.local) The installation went well but now I have a Windows 7 workstation and a 2003 Windows server that I cannot add to the domain. I can ping these machines from the domain server and vice versa, but I'm getting the attached error message
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add a dns server under network settings and retry
Check your DNS settings for your adapter. They should reflect your DCs.
Set the new Pc to obtain botjh IP nd DNS addresses ion the network card property.

Restart, then open a command prompt and type

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

Right click My Computer, select properties, change from a workgroup to the domain, enter administrator login and pw.
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When I promoted the server to domain controller, the DNS service was also installed, the DNS settings on my network card point to the same IP address of the server IP. I already flushed DNS but I'm getting the same results there are only two machines that I'm trying to add to these new domain a Windows 2003 server and the Windows 7 workstation, there is no computers in the domain yet.
On the probklem Pc's, try disabling IP6. I ran into that before and for some reason it solved my problem.
Maybe I'm confusing you. Here's an example of what I was talking about.


I already disabled IPv6 on the Windows 7 computer and IPv6 is not supported on Windows 2003 server but it didn't make any difference
I have my settings exactly configure it as in the example I also tried the server IP address in the DNS field on the server after I try but in either case didn't make any difference, on the other hand, this machines are set up for DHCP so they get their addresses automatically but I think that shouldn't make a difference, please advise
Okay, your are pulling leases, then try this:

set type=ns

Is it resolving your DNS servers?
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If you configured DHCP server then please ensure if you have at least these 3 options set up:

1) option 003 -> default gateway
2) option 006 -> DNS servers list (but remember! only the internal DNS servers of your domain other will cause errors in name resolution within domain)
3) option 015 -> DNS domain name to resolve domain names by short name

and one more thing, reboot your DC, maybe it cannot accept any traffic ?