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iPhone emails randomly stop and start again for no known reason

Newer iPhone 4 emails work for awhile then randomly stop.  I've tried things like powering down the phone and turning it back on.  Tested using normal cellular data plan and then just wi-fi.  Same problem.  The little wheel just continues going around but no update.  View and searching the internet no problem.  I also have an iPad in the same area and it works fine.  While testing this afternoon, I was not able to send or receive.  All of a sudden out of the blue I got the swishing sound that an email was sent about 20-30 minutes after the test email was sent.

I have read some suggestions to delete the account and re-add it.  That does not seem applicable to this issue since the capability to send receive emails randomly comes and goes.  

Using GoDaddy IMAP email with a private domain.  All updates are current.
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I see that on my iPhone 4S on an account that sometimes times out before the mail can be delivered. My iPhone circles around just as you describe. It is an account problem, not an iPhone problem. That is what might be affecting you. My timeouts last about 10 minutes maximum.

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Actually she took it to the Genius Bar and sure enough they were able to fix it.  Unfortunately she did not ask specifically what they did and when I called in to find out the gentleman was not there and the notes he made was really not much help.   Hopefully he updated whatever he needed to although checking on the phone previously stated everything was up to date.