Accessing applications deployed using Win 2008 Terminal Server RemoteApp from external

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We have a Windows 2008 R2 server with SP1 and it is configured for RemoteApp with a couple of applications deployed.  This is all working fine and Accessing the applications internally works without issue via the RemoteApp URL.

The problem we are having is that when trying to access and run these applications via the Junpier VPN it doesn't work.  We are able to connect to the RemoteApp URL and see the list of available applications, but when clicking on any of the apps we get the error message - "The remote computer could not be found. Please contact your helpdesk about this error".

I am hoping that someone can advise how we can run apps deployed using RemoteApp via a Juniper.  Our Junpier is running "Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 7.1". We would prefer to deploy the apps via RemoteApp rather than via the traditional RDP connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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RDWeb will still use RDP to connect to the Remote Apps so it's probably a DNS, firewall policy issue that's preventing this from working?


kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer
I agree with Rob. Connect via VPN, and see if you can ping the hostname of the RD session host. If you can, see if you can open up an RDP session directly to it, or try to telnet to it on port 3389. Running as a RemoteApp or traditional RDP session shouldn't make a difference.

You may want to consider using RD Gateway instead of VPN. The advantage of RD Gateway is that the endpoint is never directly connected to your network, so it can't spread malware via network shares, scanning for unpatched machines, etc. Now, you can do this on a VPN session as well by restricting all traffic to be just tcp/3389 to the RD session hosts and udp/53 to your DNS servers, but most people don't do this.


Thanks for the feedback.  

I wasn't sure if I could do this through the published links options on the Juniper rather than granting actual VPN client access. I did try a few things, but in the end had no choice but to configure VPN access and open up ports to the specific sever/ports.

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