Exchange 2003 messages stuck in local queue

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After an unexpected server shutdown our Exchange databases became corrupt and I had to run eseutil on them to get them to mount. Now they are mounted but new incoming messages are not being delivered. They are just staying in the "Local Delivery" queue which has a status of "Retry".

I've tried:
1. right-clicking on the queue and selecting "Force connection"
2. rebooting the server
3. Checking for a disconnected SMTP mailbox
4. Manually moving messages from the "Queue" folder to the "Pickup" folder.
5. Stopping the Default SMTP virtual server, and creating a new one.

This is on a SBS 2003 server.
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Have you tried restarting your Hub/Edge servers?


This is an SBS server so everything's on one server. I have restarted it. Thanks.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

My first thing would be to turn up diagnostic logging.  Go to the properties of the server and on the diagnostic logging tab, select exchange transport on the left and on the right select all items and click the maximum radio button and click ok.  Try forcing the connection again and watch the application log for errors and report back what you find.
I bet, the application log on the server should be filled with EventId 327. If not you can increase diagnostic logging on server for MsExchangeIS to Maximum.

As in your post, you have update that ESEUTIL was run on corrupt database.

Ideally sequence should be:

Eseutil /P
Eseutil /D
Isinteg -S Servername -Fix -Test Alltests

Please follow the sequence if you have ran only Eseutil /P
Your database still have logical corruption and Isinteg would remove it.
Just make sure that you should not get any error/warnings other than 0 once ISINTEG is ran
If you get any warning/errors with first run of ISINTEG, run it again.



Thank you. I had forgotten about isinteg. That was the missing step. I had to run it twice before it started working. I skipped the defrag to save a little time.

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