How to create a "Company Announcement" Distribution Group in Exchange 2010?

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We've an Exchange Server 2010 in a cross forest environment. We normally create users in a domain named "A" active directory and it's automatically synced with another domain named "B" active directory.

Exchange 2010 in installed and running on domain "B" active directory.

Task: Creating a Company Announcement Group

I created a group in domain "A" active directory and added all list of users in different groups manually under Members tab.

We need to manually update list of users whenever we have new or deleted users.

If we create the Distribution Group directly in domain "B" active directory, it won't sync with domain "A" active directory.

What's the best of creating a Company Announcement Group while excluding Disabled Users?

Exchange: 2010 + SP2 + Rollup Update 2
PDC: 2003 R2 with SP
Other DCs: 2008 R2 with SP1
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How about Dynamic Distribution groups?

Maybe use other groups or criteria to narrow down the bynamic membership?


I tried to create a dynamic distribution group, but it didn't give me any option to exclude disabled users.

Even though If I create a dynamic in Exchange AD (domain B), it won't sync with our main AD (domain A) where our users exist.

Basically we created a linked mailbox in a cross forest environment...

Is it possible to create a "dynamic group" or similar "query" in domain "A" Active Directory?
Do you use GalSync to synchtonize between the forest?


No, I didn't heard until at. Is there any better way of implementation?

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