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Adding an additional Calendar to Outlook 2007

Hi guys,

I just want to create an additional calendar in a users Outlook (2007) that they can use as a Training calendar.   She will edit the calendar manually, and put in all the training sessions that the company is involved in, so that the calendar can be shared out to everyone else in the organisation, and then everyone will be able to see what training sessions are coming up.

That's the goal.

But I have hit a hurdle at the very first step.   On my own Outlook, I can click New, and select Calendar.   Simple.

The user that requires the additional calendar however, does not have "Calendar" listed under "New".

It has everything else that I have on mine, just not Calendar.   It's not greyed out, it simply doesn't exist.    I have tried googling around for this issue but I can't find anything relevant.

Anyone know how to work past this?   I just need to add an additional calendar to someone's account, that's all!

Thanks folks.
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Might be an account or  licensing issue:

1.) You don’t have an email account configured or it got removed.
To configure an account choose Tools-> Email Accounts or Tools-> Account Settings
(the exact naming depends on your version of Outlook)

2.) Your trial version of Outlook has not yet been activated or your trial has expired.
To activate your version of Outlook choose Help-> Activate Product…
If your trial version has expired you’ll need to buy an Outlook license if you want to continue using Outlook.

3.) Also, if you entered a stolen product activation number and it is recognized by Microsoft as stolen, this can also create a grayed out New button until you pay for your copy or enter a valid code.
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Thanks for the response.

- It's not greyed out, it doesn't exist.  Please see my original post.

1)  The email account is configured fine.   The user has all her emails, and her original calendar.  Everything is as normal.

2)  It is not a trial version.   We do not run trial versions of anything here.  We are using a volume license of Office 2007.

3) The activation number has not been stolen.  It is a volume license key, all our other users are using the same key and it is fine.   Also, the button is not greyed out.
Lol, got it.

try this keyboard route :


if it works, a dialog should open allowing you to create the new calendar.
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That got it!  Thanks.