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Advanced Internet Usage

karunamoorthy used Ask the Experts™
I am working as a programmer. I have been assigned to show a powerpoint presentation on "Advanced Internet Usage" for the production executives( have less knowledge on internet usage). Please suggest/advice   topics / links which will cater to this need.
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Here is a nice list of topics to go over, although it looks a bit old.  Might want to include facebook and twitter to whatever topics you choose to go over.



I have seen this topic already through google. But it is of less interest to the participants.
>> But it is of less interest to the participants.

Unless we know your participants, how do we know what will be of interest to them?  

Also, the topic "advanced internet usage" is a huge, huge topic; do you have any limits / parameters to narrow your scope?    

Since you're a programmer, you might want to show them how to use google more effectively (go into boolean expressions, etc).  Also highlight google services that are relevant to your audience (show them how to setup an alert for news stories that mention your company name, for example).

Other topics that are current and generally relevant:

online communities (facebook, linkedin)
blogging (twitter, wordpress)
mobile internet (smartphones, tablets)
cyber security (spam, identity theft)



thank you for your response. I kept this question open for somemore time, for getting more response if any.
If I were you, I would also wait for more responses too.
Hi karunamoorthy

I was just looking through some old questions and came across this one.  In my honest opinion I do not think you are going to get any responses given the limited information that you have provided.

Whoever came up with the title of "Advanced Internet Usage" and handed that to you to prepare a presentation about is having a laugh at your expense.  You might as well have been asked to create a presentation about "Advanced Electricity Usage".

Without knowing what area of business the "production executives" are involved in makes your question, as you have asked it, a very wide topic to try and make any suggestions about.

An engineering company that makes components for machinery might be interested in the benefits of a database-driven website with rotating 3-D images of the products and the ability to create custom CAD-type drawings directly on the site.  That would certainly involve some clever and advanced web design using a number of existing and emerging web technologies.

If the intention is simply to bring some executives up to date with modern methods of communication, then obviously you would want to outline the benefits of a live chat function incorporated right into the company website, a facebook page, twitter, instant messaging, and so on.

If the company is simply seeking to extend their presence on the "web", then obviously you will wish to discuss search engine optimisation for the company website, a facebook profile, advertising in facebook, etc.

If the presentation is not designed to talk specifically about the company, but is a more general discussion about how the public use the Internet today and their expectations of it, then you might choose to include the necessity for web sites to be made "mobile friendly" and compatible with all the different web browsers.

If the presentation is geared to discuss corporate information sharing and out of office document availability, then you would obviously choose to mention "cloud" based applications, Google Docs, MS Office 365, and various other similar technologies.

As I have tried to demonstrate, your subject matter is too wide for anybody to even begin making suggestions that might be useful to you, and I fear that no experts will waste their time by providing lengthy comments that may end up either being superfluous or doing all the research for you.

Thank you karunamoorthy