Exchange system test with no-ip (Exchange test sent - received with hotmail , gmail or other)

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My case study :  Nowaday , I have create exchange within adsl internet environment that haven't an static ip address , So I only test system within domain controllor(Intranet).

I am not sure , If we register no-ip service . for we can increase exchange system test to sent - received message with hotmail , gmail or other company e-mail

Can any one help , Please recommend this idea OK or Not or Another recommend please.
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If you want to send and receive emails to/from internet you need to have a public IP (static) and have to register necessary DNS entries on your au public name servers.

see this - talks about the entries required for receiving emails from internet.

For sending emails, you can use the ADSL internet link, but that will eventually add your domain into spam list if you do not have necessary DNS entries. For receiving you need to have the MX which is mandatory.

however you may try this(I do not have an option to test) -


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