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Ok so we promoted a 2003 DC server to 2008 r2.  We have three domain controllers in three locations. On the main PDC primary, when you go to any drive and add a folder, the permissions for Admin and etc are there. When you remove the inheritance permissions , the check box and then go to add anything, all that shows is the users. No group are shown to add, but you can access them. On the two other servers, when you create a folder and the do the same thing, the groups are there. Is this some kind of migration issue or what. Never seen this before. Thanks for your help in advance.
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Are you saying you raised the domain functional level or the forest functional level?

Replication may be slow - you can force it through the AD Sites and Services console:
When you add permissions to a file /folder in the "Select Users, Computers, or Groups" that pops up, did you click on the "Object Types" button and make sure "groups" is selected?
Thank you all for the help. All the other DC's I could do the permissions on so we restarted all of them and then everything worked on the primary. So it was some kind of weird glitch. Thanks
thanks for the update... This does seem kind of odd though. I would recommend checking for replications problems or network problems just to be on the safe side


weird glitch

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