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Databases in Suspect Mode

Today, someone added space to one of our disks where our log files reside.  The drive was backed up without the databases being stopped!  Before restoring the drive, the database was stopped.  Luckily, no new data to the database had been added since we did the backup.

When we brought up the databases, they all became suspect.  Luckily, I had a backup of two of the databases but the other two, the ReportServer and ReportServerTempTempDB, we have never done a backups!!!

I believe the reason it is suspect is because our log files are out of sync.  Our .mdf should be fine but the .ldf is not.  Is there a way I can bring the database out of suspect?

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NEED HELP on this ASAP!  This is production if you can believe it!

Thanks so much!
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<<The drive was backed up without the databases being stopped! >>
A disk backup is not a good way to backup live databases as you noticed now. The sql backup is there for to see it is usable.

Don't forget to change your backup-strategy that any new database will automaticly be in your backup-job.
Found answer by googling but it gave credit to finding the answer on experts-exchange.  Followed steps and it corrected the suspect databases.