I'be been hacked and someone is using my email to send spam.

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I guess the title just about says it all.  I'm using McAfee as an antivirus program.  But it seems to still let the hacker in.  I had 3 times a spam sent to everyone in my address book.

What can I do to stop this.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead
What address book? From outlook? Hotmail? Gmail?

Would very surprised if you had been "Hacked" More likely you have been infected with syware of tricked into revealing your credentials to a rogue program.

Stoppong it sending emails out again is nigh on impossible, depending on the source of attack. If it has captured you contacts and fed them back to "Base" then nothing you can do, at all.

But you should still.....

Change all passwords you use imeadiately.
If on a business computer, report to your IT Dept imeadiately.
Do a full scan of your machine with malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware.

Be more dilligent in the future.


Thanks for the response.
I use att for email, can I cancel this email and move to hotmail or gmail?
It seems like it is coming from my email provider because they are in my sent folder and the ones that don't have a valid email address come back a MAILER DAMEN or whatever.

What do I need to do to be more dilligent?  I don't surf the net or do facebook or any of that other stuff.

Thanks again,

Since they are appearing in your sent folder then this problem should be able to be stopped.  As Neilsr already said, run other antivirus software such as Malwarebytes.  (I have found that McAfee seems to have a low detection rate.)

After running a virus scan change the password for your email account.  If you still have a virus when you change the password then it may collect the new password and send it somewhere.  Also change all your recovery questions.

If AT&T is your ISP then you may not be able to deactivate your email address, but they should be able to give you a new address.  After getting the new address you can get Hotmail/Gmail/etc. and not use the att email address.

There are a few reasons your account may have been comprimised:
Weak password or recovery questions that were guessed
Malware (e.g. virus, spyware, etc.) may have found your password.  If you have it saved in your web browser or email client then it could have been collected from there.  It may have logged your use and found what your password was when you typed it in.
Phishing.  If you get emails from your bank/phone company/ISP/whatever then make sure that if you click a link it really goes to their official website (make sure yourbank.com is like that and not yourbank.com.ibys.org).
Unsecure networks; if you ever connected your computer to public wifi then it's quite easy for an attacker to steal passwords.


Thanks a bunch guys!!!!!!

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