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Hi all, hoping someone might have a solution to a problem we have come up against recently.
 We have a design unit operating out of Brisbane that has around 4TB of graphics files on a Mac server, the on-site designers use a file share on the Mac to work from. The shared files range from a few KB to multiple GB
 We have a requirement for 2 OS designers to share the same file system, one in the UK and one in the US.
 We have a 10Mb connection into the building.
 We have trialled DropBox and Nomadesk and neither has proved a feasible solution, DropBox was going to take around 77days to synch the files and Nomadesk cant share its filesystem from the Mac server.
 Im sure we are not the only company in the world that has external designers so Im interested to hear solutions that other folks are using.
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cant you do that so the remote client uses a remote machine in your office over rdp say?


Hi IanTh, thanks for your comment, I dont think Photoshop and Illustrator would work well over RDP.  Has anyone ever tried to do this?

the file will not need to be downloaded its local
Can you set up a VPN (maybe Hamachi) and use network file sharing?

On Windows computers I have a server that has a shared folder and I use Hamachi to allow Windows to mount it as a network drive.  I do not remember exactly how Macs do network sharing, but if you can mount a shared folder then Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. should have no problem using it as if it were local.

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