Reset OKI C831 Web Administrator password without knowing current passsword

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We have an OKI C831 Colour laser printer that we cannot change any of the settings to.
The default username and password should be admin/aaaaaa . This worked fine for 3 setting changes and ever since we cannot get back into the console. The printer is set on a static IP and we can browse the web interface with no problems. We cannot enter the administration area without the password. OKI support say we need to have an engineer come out onsite and reset the NIC card to factory with a manufacturer tool.

Does anyone know how we can reset this without an onsite visit. We have no problems with the printer being set back to default settings and having to start again.

The control menu on the printer also requires a password to reset, so we are locked out via web and menu console on printer.

We have tried root and admin logins. Both with aaaaa or 000000 or the last 6 digits on MAC address. remembering the admin/aaaaaa combination works for some changes.

Also worth noting was that after every config change the printer went back to a 169. address, even when a DHCP server was present. The configuration tool would find it one time and not the next. Very strange. The firewall was set to allow for public and private networks.
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David AtkinTechnical Director
Top Expert 2015
Are you locked out of the maintenance menu as well?


we do not have that menu on the C831 or the + - keys. it is a different printer.

 Configuration (Just viewable settings)
 Print Info (Prints info)
 Menus (Tray Configurations and Colour settings etc)
 Admin Setup (Password required to change any settings) Has a pad lock next to it.

That solutions is not relevant to our printer.
David AtkinTechnical Director
Top Expert 2015
I realized it was a different printer but normally they are quite similar.

I think you may have to bite the bullet for the Engineer.

You maybe able to get a FOC call out if it is still under warranty and explain that you haven't touched the password settings.  OKI can be a little stubborn to deal with though.
Hi Scorpeo

I have had OKI tech out today. They had to reset the card with a little utility they had.
No luck in getting my hands on it, they didn't want any part in that one :)

Printer now works like a treat...

OKI support wasn't too bad, they sent a 3rd party company out to do it as most of them do. Probably why the utility was not handed over.

Thanks for trying, I appreciate it.


We had to in the end get the engineer out onsite to reset the NIC on the printer to restore the admin functionality. The question was about trying to avoid the engineer coming onsite.

200 part points to Scorpeo for trying an investing time.

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