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asked on

user account

Your account is configured to prevent you from using this computer. Please try another computer.
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larry urban
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Some more info please.

Is it in coorporate/home environment ?

Do you have it on one computer or more ? Do you have the message on all computer accept of the one your working on ?
Laptop / desktop
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Peter Kiprop
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@NLKornolio the user account was changed to a different password, I tried logging on with the credentials on other laptops and desktops to no avail, only this error message comes up. This problem is in a corporate environment.
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@Pthepebble that's something I will look into, thanks.
Jep if it's in a coorporate environment the user account is restricted to log on to probably a few computers.
Go to active directory user and computers > search the user > on the account tab there is a tab Log On To. Change it to all computers or specify the computer there which you want to work on.